Submit a Transaction Using Ledger Nano X

Ensure that the appropriate application (for the correct network) is open & ready on your Ledger Nano X prior to initiating a transaction.

The following steps include actions you must perform on both your Ledger Device and your Nova Wallet Device.

Actions for each device are clearly labelled below.

  1. Select the asset which you want to perform the transaction with (Nova Wallet Device).

  2. Select send (Nova Wallet Device).

  3. Select the destination chain and Input recipient account address (Nova Wallet Device).

  4. Input transaction amount (Nova Wallet Device).

  5. Select Continue (Nova Wallet Device).

  6. Select Confirm (Nova Wallet Device).

  7. Select your Ledger Nano X device.

  8. On your Ledger Nano X, review the transaction.

  9. Approve the transaction on your Ledger Nano X.

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