🤝Delegated Authorities (Proxies)

All about Delegated Authorities (Proxies)

What are Delegated Authorities (Proxies)?

You can set another account as a Delegated Authority so that it can carry out specific operations related to your account on your behalf. This allows you to delegate efficiency and add a layer of security.

Rather than using one account that holds your assets to carry out every operation, you can use multiple unique accounts to complete tasks on behalf of your main account. This allows you to keep your main account (which is holding your assets) cold/offline, as you can use another account to carry out operations (such as staking, and governance votes) on its behalf.

Why Should I Use Delegated Authorities (Proxies)?

Using Delegated Authorities can increase the security of your assets. You can keep your cold storage account offline as the accounts that you set as delegated authorities can sign certain common transactions (staking, governance, etc.) on its behalf.

Example Account Setups

Here are some basic account setups that you can achieve via Delegated Authorities (Proxies). One of the major benefits is that you can keep your assets secured with your hardware wallet and delegate another account to carry out certain operations on its behalf without the risk of funds being transferred.

Non-Transfer Proxy

Staking Proxy

Governance Proxy

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