📑Add your DApp to Nova Wallet

How to add your DApp to Nova Wallet's DApp Catalog

Ensure that you have integrated Nova Wallet into your DApp to be added to our DApp catalog.


Nova Wallet is an open-source web3 wallet solution for both iOS and Android, focusing on the Polkadot ecosystem. Nova Wallet supports any DApp in the Polkadot ecosystem, with support for both the Polkadot JS and Metamask protocols.

Nova Wallet features a DApp catalog – a shortlist where users can quickly select a DApp without searching for it by its URL.

Our GitHub repo can be found here: https://github.com/novasamatech

How to add your DApp to Nova Wallet's DApp catalog

  1. Add information about your DApp to the dapps_dev.json file.

    a) "name" should be the name of your DApp.

    b) "url" should link to your DApp.

    c) "icon" should be the logo of your DApp. It should link to the raw file. You should upload your logo to this repo and name it appropriately.

    d) "Categories" should be relevant to your DApp, you can choose between bridge, crowdloans, dex, evm, gaming, governance, nft, social, staking, utilities, and test – you can add more than one category as long as it is relevant to your DApp.

  2. Submit your Pull Request and it will be reviewed by the Novasama Technologies team, and if there is no problem with the integration then it will be promoted to the live build of Nova Wallet.

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