Send Tokens Cross-Chain

How to send tokens cross-chain with Nova Wallet!

Please ensure you are sending tokens to the correct network.

You can read more about Polkadot ecosystem tokens here.

It is advised to avoid sending tokens via cross-chain transfer to Centralized Exchanges (CEX) as they may not credit your account properly – resulting in you needing to contact their support.

We would advise that instead you first send a cross-chain transfer within your Nova Wallet account, and then send a regular transfer to the CEX.

  1. Open the Nova Wallet application.

  2. Select Send from the balance widget.

  3. Select the asset you wish to send, or you can search for it in the search bar.

  4. Select the to dropdown list and then select your desired destination network.

Conducting a cross-chain transfer, the option to send to your account on the destination chain becomes available – simply select the Myself button.

  1. Input the recipient's address.

  2. Input the amount of tokens that you wish to send and select Continue.

  3. Review the contextual information and select Confirm.

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