Edit Derivation Path

How to edit the derivation path in Polkadot Vault

Versions of Polkadot Vault above v6.3.0 by default will generate an address with a hard derivation path which will follow this format:

  • //polkadot for Polkadot

  • //kusama for Kusama

  • For any other chain (parachains or solochains) the hard derivation path will be the chain name as per the chain specs, for example //hydradx for HydraDX.

When you use a derivation path, a brand new blockchain account is created using the combination of your seedphrase and the derivation path. This means that, for example, if you create a //polkadot hard derivation path for the Polkadot network using Polkadot Vault and then import that account into a wallet, those wallets will very likely give you addresses for all of their supported blockchains (Polkadot, Kusama, parachains, solochains) using the //polkadot hard derivation path.

If you then send tokens to a blockchain that is not Polkadot, you will then be prompted to update the chain specs and metadata in Polkadot vault for that blockchain. Remember, as per the above text, when you do this in Polkadot Vault then by default a hard derivation path will be created based on the chain name of that blockchain – this will result in an entirely different account being created and you will face issues when trying to sign transactions within the wallet that you previously added an account to.

To fix this issue, you must:

  • Remember which hard derivation path account you imported into the wallet

    • for example //polkadot

  • In Polkadot Vault, select the + icon at the top right of the screen

  • Select the network that you wish to add a key for (note: if you cannot see your desired network then you have not correctly added the chain specs and metadata)

  • Do not select "Create Key", instead select "Add Custom Derivation Path"

  • Delete everything in the Derivation Path Name field

  • Add the derivation path that you previously imported into your wallet, for example, //polkadot (even if you are not currently adding the Polkadot network)

  • Select Done

  • Ensure you have taken note of your derivation path name then select the tick box, and select Done

  • You will now be able to conduct transactions on that network using that derivation path

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