Zeitgeist (ZTG) Staking

How to stake your ZTG tokens using Nova Wallet!

Nova Wallet is a non-custodial wallet where you alone remain in control of your assets via your private key/seed phrase. Nova Wallet directly connects you to the Zeitgeist protocol to stake directly. Nova Wallet does not provide you with any staking services such as how a CEX may do.

ZTG Staking Information & Parameters


Minimum Stake

0.5 ZTG*

Unstaking Period

4 Hours

Rewards Payout

Rewards accrue every 2 hours and are added to your transferable balance.

Governance Participation

Staked ZTG can be used to participate in Governance on the Moonbeam protocol.

*Some Collators may require you to stake an amount which is above the minimum network stake of 0.5 ZTG.

How to Stake ZTG Tokens

  1. Open the Nova Wallet application.

  2. Select the Staking screen.

  3. Select Zeitgeist.

  4. Review the staking information presented to you.

  5. Once you have understood the terms select the Start Staking button.

  6. Select the Collator that you wish to stake with.

  7. Input the amount of ZTG tokens that you wish to stake.

  8. Ensure that you review all of the contextual information and select Continue.

  9. Once again, review all of the contextual information provided and Select Confirm.

  10. Your staking position will now be displayed on the Staking screen within Nova Wallet.

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