📱Hardware Wallets

Add an extra layer of protection and keep your assets safe with one of these hardware wallet!


Nova Wallet supports the most popular hardware wallets in the Polkadot ecosystem – Polkadot Vault, Parity Signer and Ledger.

Polkadot Vault and Parity Signer are cold storage hardware wallet solutions developed by Parity Technologies whereby a user can convert a mobile device into a secure, offline cold storage device. When used in conjunction with Nova Wallet, users can have access to top-level security, as well as an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Nova Wallet has support for the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet. The Ledger Nano X connects to your mobile device via bluetooth and has a large screen for ease of use.

Polkadot Vault [Legacy]Parity SignerLedger Nano X

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