Add Polkadot Vault Account to Nova Wallet

  1. On your Polkadot Vault device, select the derived key that you wish to add to Nova Wallet.

  2. A QR code of your public key will now be displayed – you can see the details of the derivation path on this screen also – you need to make sure that you are using the correct derivation path.

  3. Open the Nova Wallet application on your Nova Wallet device.

  4. Select connect hardware wallet and then select Polkadot Vault.

  5. Select Scan QR code.

  6. Point the camera of your Nova Wallet device so that it captures the image of the QR code which is displayed on your Polkadot Vault device.

  7. Once the QR code has been successfully scanned, select Continue on your Nova Wallet device.

  8. Input a nickname for your account on your Nova Wallet device and then select Continue.

If you receive the error "QR code has an unsupported format" it is because you have not selected one of your derived keys on your Polkadot Vault device when trying to access the QR code to import your account.

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