Add Root Key

Root Key

The Root Key is basically the account generated by your seed phrase without any derivation path associated with it. By default Polkadot Vault will assign a hard derivation path for each network that corresponds with the name of the chain.

The following steps should be carried out on your Polkadot Vault device.

To add the Root Key:

  1. Create or Import an account into Polkadot Vault.

  2. On your Polkadot Vault device select the + icon at the top right of the screen.

  3. Selectthe network that you would like to add the root key for (note: if you cannot see your desired network then you have not correctly added the chain specs and metadata)

  4. Select Add Custom Derivation Path.

  5. In the Derivation Path Name field, you must delete all the text. The field will now display "Empty path = creating root"

  6. Select Done

  7. You may now input a name for this derivation path, such as "root". You should then tick the "I have written down my derivation path name" tick box and select Done.

  8. Your Root Key has now been added to Polkadot Vault. If you select this key from the Derived Keys list you will see that under the Derivation Path field it stated "Derivation Path is Empty" This indicates that this is indeed the root key.

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