📃Delegate Registry

You can add yourself, or an organization that you represent, as a delegate within the Nova Wallet interface. You can provide additional contextual information so that token holders can make an informed decision on whether or not they should delegate their votes to you.

  1. Select "Fork" located at the top right of the screen.

  1. On the next page, Select "Create Fork".

  1. Select the images directory.

  1. Select Add File -> Upload files.

  1. Add your image, and provide a small description of the change – then Select "Commit changes".

Note: Your image should be named something sensible and descriptive.

Note: Your image should be 192x192 PNG format.

  1. Navigate to the registry directory.

  1. Select the .json file for the chain you are adding information for, in this case kusama.json.

  1. Select the Edit pencil icon.

  1. Add your relevant information.

Address = On-chain address that must be in the format of the network in which the information is going to be added.

Name = Your Display Name / Username – must not contain any abusive language and should represent the individual / organization.

Image = A link to the image you previously uploaded – must be 192x192 PNG, and should link to the raw as in the example image.

shortDescription = A brief description of you, or your organization – 180 characters max.

longDescription = Optional additional long description of you, or your organization – markdown text.

isOrganization = Input true if you are an organization, or false if you are an individual.

Note: Please pay attention to the curly brackets { } and commas ,

Note: You must have an on-chain identity set on the address.

  1. Add a description for your change, and Select "Commit changes".

  1. Navigate to the opengov-delegate-registry of your forked repo. Select Contribute -> Open pull request.

  1. Add a description to your pull request, and then Select Create pull request.

  1. Now you need to issue an on-chain remark so that we can verify that the Github account issueing the PR also controls the on-chain account. To do this, you should issue an extrinsic from the on-chain account which you are adding the contextual information for.

Head to the Polkadot JS Apps site and ensure you have your desired chain selected in the top left of the page. Then navigate to Developer -> Extrinsics.

Now you need to craft a system (remark) extrinsic as shown in the below screenshot. The contents of the "code: Bytes" field should be in the following format: {Github_Username}:{Pull_Request_Number}. For example: Leemo94:420.

Once the transaction is submitted, navigate to your account on block explorer (such as Subscan) and find your system (remark) extrinsic, and click on the Extrinsic ID.

Now, you should copy the URL of that extrinsic ID and post it as a comment on your Pull Request, then the Nova team will review your Pull Request and either merge it, or comment on your post with any additional feedback.

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