Store Your Backup Password Safely

Keep you cloud backup secure and never lose access to it.

Backup Password Safety Tips

Your cloud backup file is protected with a password. This password cannot be recovered; if you forget it, you'll have to create a new backup or use other recovery options. It's essential that your backup password is always available to you and secret from others. Here are our recommendations:

  • Do not reuse the password for other websites or apps as your backup password.

  • Do not even create a password yourself. Use a dedicated password manager app: it can generate a random, strong, and unique password that you don't have to remember.

  • Make sure that you remember your master password for the password manager app. Check what other security options your app provides.

  • Make sure that your Google Drive or iCloud is also well-protected. Consider updating your passwords and enabling 2-factor authentication for them.

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