Submit a Transaction Using Polkadot Vault

Before you submit a transaction using Polkadot Vault & Nova Wallet, you must ensure that your Polkadot Vault Device has updated metadata for the chains on which you want to conduct transactions. You can use the Novasama Technologies Metadata Portal ( to find QR codes which will provide your Polkadot Vault Device with the information required to update the chain metadata.


When you use Nova Wallet to create transactions that are then signed by Polkadot Vault, you use the Nova Wallet interface as per the other sections in this wiki, with the additional step of signing the transaction on your Polkadot Vault. We will explain below how to conduct a simple send transaction which will explain the interaction between Nova Wallet and Polkadot Vault.

  1. Select the asset which you want to perform the transaction with on your Nova Wallet device.

  2. Select send.

  3. Select the destination chain and input the recipient address.

  4. Input the transaction amount

  5. Select Continue and then review the contextual information and select confirm on your Nova Wallet device.

  6. A QR code will now appear on your Nova Wallet device.

  7. On your Polkadot Vault device select the QR code scanner.

  8. Scan the QR code with your Polkadot Vault device and then review the transaction details and then sign the transaction.

  9. A QR code will now appear on your Polkadot Vault device. On your Nova Wallet device select Continue and then scan the QR code which is on your Polkadot Vault device

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