Nova Wallet Wiki


Nova Wallet is a non-custodial web3 wallet solution for iOS and Android devices. Your private key is stored locally on your device, in the enclaved secured storage of your operating system, and it is encrypted with the user's personal secret.
From a privacy aspect, Nova Wallet is not collecting any user data and therefore cannot send any user data anywhere for any purpose (even for analytics). All data is stored locally, only on the user's device.
In the event that a user is using a hardware wallet (Parity Signer / Ledger) in conjunction with Nova Wallet, then the private key isn't even stored on the user's device. It is stored within the Cold Wallet only.
In the case of Watch-only Wallets, since the user does not have access to the private key, the use cannot send transactions from those accounts.
All operations conducted via Nova Wallet are submitted directly to the blockchain's nodes, and the "read-only" data is queried directly from the blockchain's nodes as well. The exceptions to this are; fiat values, which are queried from CoinGecko; and transaction history, which is queried from SubQuery.
⚠️ Admins from the Nova Wallet team will never DM (Direct Message) you first, and will never request anything from you — if you see someone sending you a message with the same name & photo as an admin — it is a scam and you should block them immediately!
Admins will NEVER ask you for crypto / private key / seed phrase. Do NOT open links from anyone who messages you to "verify / synchronize your wallet", these people are trying to scam you. Please Report & Block them!
Store your secret phrases privately, and never share it with anyone. Please stay safe! 🙏