Typical issues and how to fix them

Astar DApp Issues

How to transfer Astar assets on EVM account?
  1. Create a new wallet in your Nova Wallet application.

  2. Select the "DApps" (Android) or "Browser" (iOS) module.

  3. Select the "Astar DApp Hub" from the list.

  4. Select "Allow" after reviewing the pop up prompt.

  5. Select "Nova Wallet (EVM)" from the list.

  6. Once you have connected your account, in the "Assets" tab of the Astar DApp, you can copy your Astar EVM account address from the "EVM Account" section -> "Ethereum Extension".

  7. You can now send assets to that EVM address.

  8. After you have sent assets to that address, you can again connect to the Astar DApp Hub as described above, and then navigate to the "Assets" section to see your balances.

  9. When connecting to any EVM DApp on Astar Network, you can select the "Use Metamask Connection" option, and your EVM account should appear.

EVM Account Importing Issues

Cannot import EVM account via Private Key

Currently importing EVM accounts (such as your Metamask account) via private key is not supported. Please try importing via Mnemonic Seed Phrase.

Metamask import issue when importing 2nd/3rd/â€Ļ account (need to change derivation path)

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