Aleph Zero (AZERO) Staking

How to stake your AZERO tokens using Nova Wallet!

Nova Wallet is a non-custodial wallet where you alone remain in control of your assets via your private key/seed phrase. Nova Wallet directly connects you to the Aleph Zero protocol to stake directly. Nova Wallet does not provide you with any staking services such as how a CEX may do.

AZERO Staking Information & Parameters

ParameterPool StakingDirect Staking

Minimum Stake


2,000 AZERO*

Unstaking Period

~14 Days

~14 Days

Rewards Payout

Rewards have to be claimed manually and you must pay transaction fees.

Rewards accrue daily and are paid out daily.

*The minimum stake for direct staking may vary over time and is dictated by the Aleph Zero protocol.

How to Begin Staking AZERO Tokens

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