👀Watch Only Wallets

Spy on people? No... okay maybe a little.

Nova Wallet's watch-only wallet feature allows you to add any Substrate or EVM account into the app using only the account's public address!

This allows new users of Nova Wallet to test out every feature without having to first input their accounts secret information - allowing new users to ensure Nova Wallet meets their expectations!

Watch only wallets are also an effective way to manage your portfolio - it allows you to keep track of where your assets are allocated, including cross-chain and derivative style assets. And for those with high value accounts - this feature allows you to easily keep track of your portfolio, without having to sacrifice on the security provided by your existing cold storage solution.

Finally, watch-only wallets allow you to keep track of VIP accounts, so you can easily track their on-chain activity, or simply find out what NFTs your friends are apeing into!

Add a Watch-only Wallet

Adding a watch-only wallet is similar to adding any other type of wallet to Nova!:

  1. Open the Nova Wallet application.

  2. Select the identicon at the top right of the screen.

  3. Select the settings option (cogwheel).

  4. Select Add wallet.

  5. Select Import Existing.

  6. Select Watch-only.

  7. Input the wallet's nickname, Substrate address and/or EVM address for the account you wish to add as a watch-only wallet. Then Select Continue.

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