Sign Transaction as Proxied Account

How to sign a transaction for an account that you have Delegated Authority over (Proxied)

The guide below shows how to sign a transaction from an account you have Delegated Authority over. Please note that in this example the Delegated Authority has Any Proxy access, meaning that it can send balance transfers on behalf of the main account.

The type of transaction that the Delegated account can sign is based on the access level that the account is granted, for example, if an account has Staking Proxy authority, then it can only sign staking related operations and not balance transfers.

  1. Select the identicon located at the top right of the Assets Screen.

You will be notified of any new accounts that have Delegated to You (Proxied).

  1. You can now see a list of all of the accounts that have delegated to your account. Select one of them to continue.

  2. You will now see that the identicon has changed to display that this is a Proxied Account. In this example we have Any Proxy authority, so let's conduct a balance transfer by selecting DOT tokens.

  3. Select Send from the balance widget.

  4. Input the destination address and the amount of tokens that you wish to send and select Continue.

  5. Review the transaction and select Confirm.

  6. You will see a popup notifying you that you are initiating this transaction from a Delegated (Proxied) account, select Continue to sign the transaction.

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