🌊Pool Staking

How to stake your DOT via Pool Staking!

DOT Pool Staking Information & Parameters


Minimum Stake


Unstaking Period

~28 Days

Rewards Payout

Rewards accrue daily and must be manually claimed.*

Governance Participation

Staked DOT can NOT be used to participate in Governance on the Polkadot protocol.

*You must manually submit the transaction to claim your DOT rewards by yourself.

You only start to earn rewards in the era after you join a nomination pool. An era on Polkadot is 1 day.

Note: If you attempt to stake less than the minimum amount of DOT tokens to make you eligible for Direct Staking Nova Wallet will automatically assign you to Pool Staking.

  1. Open the Nova wallet application.

  2. Select the Staking screen.

  3. Select Polkadot.

  4. Review the staking information presented to you.

  5. Once you have understood the terms select the Start Staking button.

  6. Input the amount of DOT tokens that you wish to stake and then select continue. Note: a recommended nomination pool is selected by default.

  7. Review all of the contextual information provided and select Confirm.

  8. Your staking position will now be displayed on the Staking screen within Nova Wallet.

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