🤩Claim KSM Rewards

How to claim your pool staking rewards

When you use pool staking to stake your KSM, you need to manually claim your staking rewards. You should take note of the amount that you are claiming versus the transaction fees that it costs to execute the claiming operation.

To claim pool staking rewards you should:

  1. Open the Nova Wallet application.

  2. Select the Staking screen.

  3. Select your staking position, in this case, would be Kusama KSM.

  4. From the Kusama pool staking screen select Claim rewards.

  5. Ensure that you are happy with the choice to either restake your rewards (compounding) or not. If you do not wish you restake your rewards you should ensure that the toggle is in the off position and your rewards will be added to your transferable (unlocked) balance.

  6. Review the contextual information including any associated fees and select Confirm.

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