Add Ledger Nano X Account to Nova Wallet

The following steps include actions you must perform on both your Ledger Nano X and your Nova Wallet Device.

Actions for each device are clearly labelled below.

  1. Open the Nova Wallet application (Nova Wallet Device).

  2. Select Connect hardware wallet (Nova Wallet Device).

  3. Select Ledger Nano X (Nova Wallet Device).

  4. Read the on-screen prompt and Select Continue (Nova Wallet Device).

  5. Select the network(s) that you wish to pair between your Ledger Nano X and Nova Wallet (Nova Wallet Device).

  6. On your Ledger Nano X, navigate to the relevant application (Ledger Nano X). For example, if you want to add the Polkadot network to your Nova Wallet, then navigate to the Polkadot application on your Ledger Nano X.

  7. Once your Ledger's display states [Network] ready (Ledger Nano X), on your Nova Wallet Device Select the appropriate network.

  8. Select your Ledger Device on your Nova Wallet Device.

  9. Select your account from the list on your Nova Wallet Device. (Note: if you cannot see your balance/account, try pressing Load more accounts.)

  10. Read the on-screen prompt and review & approve the operation appearing on your Ledger Nano X. (Note: The address appearing on your Ledger should match the one shown in Nova Wallet.)

  11. Select more networks to add to Nova Wallet if desired, otherwise Select Done (Nova Wallet Device).

  12. Input a nickname for your account (Nova Wallet Device).

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